Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all our brave service men and women, past and present, who protect our country and our freedom. Today we take time to remember and give special thanks to those who gave their lives for their country.

Busy Weekend

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Easter or Passover.

No blog this weekend, too much to do between getting the house ready and cooking for Easter dinner and preparing for the birth of my third grandchild. My daughter is scheduled for a c-section at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I can’t wait!

may the force be with you

(I got my dad to type this for me)

I am 10 years old and I have autism. Every April is Autism Awareness Month and I think this is really an honour for me. This time of year helps people to remember that there are lots of people around us who have autism. I also have some friends at my school who have autism. I really like that all over the world people are taking part in Light It Up Blue for Autism. Here are some of my favourite pictures I found online:

Please remember everyone with autism and be patient with us. Thank you and goodbye for now…

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It's Your World, I'm Just Living In It

Personally, I believe adulthood is overrated. Being respectful of people, doing the right thing, eating healthy, having money, who needs it! However, no matter how I feel about it, it is inevitable.  It’s coming no matter what and all you can do is suck it up and act like an adult.  Unfortunately, at 26 years old, I still don’t think I’ve got it and here’s a few reasons why.


Seriously, what is this?

Here’s what I know:

  • You’re supposed to do your taxes every year.
  •  There’s both federal and state.
  • It’s no fun.

Here’s what I don’t know:

  • What the hell I’m doing.
  • What I’m supposed to save. (Receipts I think right? I bought a hot dog at a gas station today and saved the receipt. I’m getting there)
  • When they’re due.
  • Who to give them to. I assume some guy just comes to my house on tax day…

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Tuesday funny: All The Things You Must Have Said To Your Children, In Poster Form. We ran across these absolutely hilarious masterpieces on DesignTaxi and felt obligated to share such comical pieces.

Iowa-based artist Nathan Ripperger has come up with a series of humorous yet adorable posters expressing the things he has said to his children. At the time, they may have been some serious situations, but looking back now, things that you might have said to your children seem pretty comical now.

If your words are still not going down well with your kids, perhaps these posters would be more effective? Then again, maybe not.

images via


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Nerdy After Thirty

No would-be taglines or themes, no attempts to be cute or quirky or deep today.  Just a regular old post.  About a regular old problem.

Willpower.  The lack thereof.

Some people might not believe this about me, but I am, at my core, an immensely undisciplined person.  “Not Sarah!  No way!”   After all, I can be very conscientious.   I can be such a slave to my self-mandated routines and rituals that it’s like I have OCD.  I can be a perfectionist, especially when it comes to details like grammar and punctuation.  And when I’m really concentrating on a project at work, especially if there is a deadline, I can become so absorbed in what I’m doing that I become blind to everything—and everyone—else (sorry, everybody!)  I tend to get downright rude when I’m working.  (I was like that in college too…sorry, former roommates!)  My absorption in…

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Time’s Running Out

In the interest of finishing the baby blanket I’m crocheting in time for my daughter’s shower next weekend, I won’t have time to compose a full blog post this weekend. So I will just take the time to say


The beloved children’s author and Springfield, MA native would have been 108 years old on March 2nd. As you can imagine his birthday is a very big deal here in Springfield. If anyone is interested in learing more about Dr. Seuss and the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden in Springfield you can visit http://www.catinthehat.org/

My son in 2008 with Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat on Dr. Seuss' birthday.