A Trip To The Library! Yay!

Yesterday I went to the Springfield Public Library. Its my favorite place to go in the whole city, one of the few places in Springfield worth visiting.

The library is a beautiful building thats usually quiet except for hushed and mysterious whispers that echo off the high ceilings. I love the smell of a library, of all those old books. I like going to the upper level where nobody ever goes, amongst the book that nobody has any interest in reading anymore. The outdated books on psychology and the occult and biology, dusty old literary essays and cookbooks. You can hide yourself in a maze of bookshelves up there where nobody will disturb you. I usually bring a big tote bag with me, filled with things to do while I’m there, usually my iPad, a book, a notepad and pen, iPod, ear buds, sometimes my crocheting project, and the library has wi-fi, so I am quite content to spend several hours there in peace.

The library is 100 years old this year. It was opened to the public in 1912. I took some pictures when I was there yesterday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that library is huge compared to what we have here. I also love libraries. Our library here is an an old house, a very small old house. I’ve actually never been in a big library. I have a weakness for really big book stores. I can’t go into one without buying something. We do have a nice book store here on the island. It certainly isn’t big but I do like to visit it. I’m glad you enjoy your library.

    • Yes its a very large library, and those pictures are only of the large main room where all the non-fiction, biography and teen fiction is. Outside that big room is a lobby with all the new non-fiction and on the other side of the lobby is a big room with all the computers and reference books.There is also basement level where the fiction, children’s library, videos and music are.

      There are ten libraries in Springfield. This is the main library. There are smaller libraries in each of the nine sections of the city as well. Pretty much where ever you are in Springfield there is a library in walking disance.

      I adore book stores. I usually go to Barnes & Noble because it has the largest selection. I tried Borders a couple times but I didnt like it as much. I like small independant and used bookstores too. The Raven Used Books in Northampton is an awesome little basement bookstore that I go to whenever I get a chance.

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