The (Wolf)Bane Of My Existance

I hate Teen Paranormal Romance.

Hate it.



There is so much of this overly redundant genre that it now has its own section at Barnes & Noble.

I was first introduced to this phenomenon when one of my daughters became completely enthralled by Twilight. Now I don’t know for sure if this was the first series of books in this genre, but it seems to be the first to become a plague-like epidemic. They made a movie out of the first book which my daughter saw in the theater with her boyfriend. When it came out on DVD she rented it and we made a girls night of it with my other two daughters and ice cream. After which my other two daughter immediately became enthralled by it as well.

Well my first impression was that it was about a boy following a girl around obsessively just so he could tell her that they shouldn’t be around each other.

But of course the plot does move on from there eventually. But not very far.

I wont go into further details cuz I’m assuming that unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years or so, you know the general idea behind the Twilight series. So to make a long story short, I agreed that the story was romantic (if a bit far-fetched, even for a vampire story) and I was coerced into reading the books. And it just so happened that it started to rain like it was monsoon season as soon as I started and didn’t stop for a moment the entire week I spent reading them. Which is funny cuz the story takes place in Washington state and its raining almost constantly thru the whole series.

So I did enjoy the Twilight books. Altho Bella strikes me as a somewhat weak and pathetic role model for the target audience of teenage girls.

But anyways, now it seems like every single book that has come out since is based on the same formula. The market is over saturated with these carbon copy clichés.

Human and non-human fall in love. Or two non-humans from feuding groups or of different species. Either way, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles they are determined to make their love work…but wait…whats this…a misunderstanding…all is seemingly lost…one of them must surely die now as a result, but lo and behold, at the last possible moment, the day is saved and everyone lives happily ever after.


It’s really annoying, because every month when I go thru the list of books that Library Thing has available for their Early Reviewers program, it seems like half of them are these damn teen paranormal romances. I even got tricked into reviewing one once because the write-up on it was misleading. It sounded more like a horror novel. And since I put it on the list of books I was interested in reviewing, I had to read it and review it or else I risked not being chosen to review another book. And I like doing reviews. It means I get a free book that’s not even on the market yet. Im in the process of reading my fifth book to review for Library Thing. That’s five free books. You can’t go wrong with free books.

So anyways. Enough already. The genre has been beaten into the ground. There is absolutely nothing new to be done with it. I know it seems like a cash cow that can be milked into perpetuity, but all good things do eventually come to an end.

So all you writers of teen fiction, its time to come up with……………

wait for it……………………………



Shocking, I know, but true.


7 responses

  1. Oh, hey! Just reading this, I remember that other movie I was talking about that I liked better than the book! It was Twilight! Although, to be 100% honest, I’ve never actually read all of Twilight, only snippets. But, it was a case of simply not being able to bear it. Some of the writing in Twilight just doesn’t work for me.

    However, the first movie wasn’t horrible. I won’t say it was good, exactly. The first half of the movie, you don’t care at all about the characters. Once it finally starts moving, it’s not horrible. The second was of similar quality, and the werewolf CGI was entertaining. Haven’t seen the third yet, but I know the wife will want to watch it as well…

    As for the overall point of your post, I think you’re right. Teen Paranormal has its place, and the “forbidden love” angle has been going on since Romeo and Juliet (and long before). But, I think the recent years have seen enough Romeo and Juliet and Vampires and Werewolves for a while. There are others out there – I’m sure of it. Original stories in the Teen Paranormal genre have to exist somewhere! But, I think the Twi-Clones are sucking all of the air out of the room, perhaps.

    • I actually like the books and movies equally as much. I will tend to watch the movies before reading the books tho because it takes less time and I get the same thing out of it. The first of the movies was the worste in my opinion. They seem to get better as they go along. I dont know if that has to do with the growth of the actors or selection of directors, writers, etc.

      I just think its funny how one writer became popular off this idea and every single writer in the univers had to jump on the bandwagon. I know its not the first time its happened. Weve seen it in other genres in the past as well (I think Dan Brown set off a religious conspiracy rampage). But I think this time the copycatting is even more pronounced then ever because there is less room for variation.

      • I think you’re right. There’s only so many flavors of Romeo and Juliet before you start repeating yourself…

        I agree as well that the second movie was better than the first. Still haven’t seen the third – yet. I really think the first suffered from unlikable characters in the beginning. I just didn’t CARE what happened to Bella and Edward until they finally got together. Then it mattered – a little. 😉

  2. The book is always better than the film — you can create pictures of the characters in your head of what you think they should look like, instead of having an actor try to portray the character for you. It’s the same idea for the scenery and setting — I would personally rather be able to visualise it myself.

    • Yes 99% of the time I like a book better then the film. Sometimes tho, If I see the movie first I will end up liking the movie better, probly because the film as already put preconcieved ideas in my head about the characters/story that sometimes conflict with or contradict the book. And on rare occasions I have read a book then seen the movie and liked it better. I cant think of any offhand but I know its happened.

    • Other then the Twilight books I havent read any other books of that kind. Except that piece of crap I reviewed for Library Thing. I have seen an endless parade of them come thru my house, tho, thanks to my daughter, so I know their numbers are endless. Theyre like the zombie hoard of literature.

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