So I figured…

…I would share with you everything that makes me such an awesome writer. Besides the fact that I’m awesome. And a writer. Or would be if I could actually get around to writing. Not that I havent ever done any writing. I have. Lots of it. I actually wrote a book. Really. You can ask all the publishers that rejected it if you don’t believe me. It’s now sitting in my file cabinet giving a previously empty and useless hanging file folder a reason to live.

As for my credentials, well here they are:





Yeah, there’s really nothing. No MFA, no editor of the school newspaper, no third grade creative writing contest first place trophy. I have a GED and 9 community college credits. Altho 3 of those credits are from an English Composition class in which I had a 4.0 GPA. And my professor said I was one of the best students he ever had. Not bad considering I didn’t even know how to write an essay when I walked into his classroom. (How did I manage to get a GED without knowing how to write an essay considering that writing an essay is like one-third of the test? I have absolutely no idea.) I also attempted going to tech/trade school for drafting, but all I got out of that experience was a giant student loan that I still havent finished paying off yet.

I don’t remember quite when I started writing stories down on paper for fun. I always remember having a vivid imagination and making up stories. I was an only child with two working parents and no social skill whatsoever so my imagination was my life. I also read a lot of books which helped fuel my fantasy world. I think it was somewhere between the age of 10 and 12 that I discovered Stephen King. Finding him was like finding God! His books took my breath away. He was the first writer I fell in love with and that made me contemplate what it was to be a writer.

The very first Stephen King book I read was Cujo. It made me want to get a Saint Bernard for a pet. Haha. I was a weird kid.

What was such a young child doing reading King you ask? Well it was the early 80s and like most kids in the 80s I was a free spirit with little adult supervision and the librarians never seemed to question my choices. My parents never really seems to believe much in censoring what I read. Even before discovering King I was reading adult novels on a regular basis which is probly why I tested at a college reading level by the time I reached sixth grade.

So I guess I have to thank Stephen King for igniting that spark in me to write, altho it would be many years later before I finally allowed myself to believe I might be able to write and start seriously writing. As a woman and a mother I also find great inspiration in Anne Rice and J. K. Rowling and as a great lover of classic literature by women writers I find inspiration in Jane Austen, the Brontes and Virgina Woolf.


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    • Well I pretty much am a nobody so I wasnt surpised that the publishers treated me like one *sigh* One personal critique would have been nice tho. Something to let me know that they hadnt just slid my manuscript out of the envelope I sent it in and directly into the SASE I had sent with it without even looking at it. Even tho thats probly exactly what they did.

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