Barnes & Noble, You’re Like My Own Personal Brand Of Heroin

Today I answered the siren call of Barnes & Noble, conveyed on a magic carpet of gift cards given to me by my parents for Christmas.

Today’s purchase:

For Writers Only: Inspiring Thoughts on the Exquisite Pain and Heady Joy of the Writing Life from Its Great Practitioners

By Sophy Burnham

Did you now that buying or reading books about writing counts as writing? Yes, yes it does! In fact, I think I should be given a book contract based simply on the sheer number of books I have bought and read on writing.

I have one question however: when did Barnes & Noble become a toy store??? It’s awfully hard to pretend you’re writing when you’re dodging flying Legos and have screaming children leaping around you like rabid monkeys.


5 responses

  1. hmm, yes, my barnes and noble has also recently expanded their toy section to encompass a good portion of the store (by which I mean the entire upstairs). it drives business, but yeah, there are a lot more tears from the young ‘uns when it’s time for them to leave.

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